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Increase Engagement & Entertain Customers

Use polls as part of your ongoing social strategy to generate buzz and stay in front of your audience in a fun way.

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Tap Into Live Events

Using Winq polls during a live event can increase brand relevance by putting your brand in the center of what your followers are talking about and thinking.

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Product Development & Innovation

Let your customers be in charge. With Winq, you can get real-time input and data driven insights from the people who matter most -- your followers. When customers have a say, they’re more likely to promote, buy, and recommend your products!

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Learn About Your Followers

Winq polls help you get to know your audience in a fun way, while keeping your brand and products top of mind. You have the power to ask questions that will give you valuable, actionable insights.

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Increase Brand Loyalty & Drive Sales

Nothing builds brand loyalty like showing your followers and fans you value their opinion. Use Winq polls to allow followers to vote on all different types of questions then push them to your site to shop!

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How It Works

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Create a poll

It takes just a minute to create your poll with your brand's colors and identity. Winq makes the entire process a walk in the park.

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Share on social

You can share the link to your poll on all social platforms including Instagram Stories, Twitter, Facebook and more.

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Watch fans engage

Your Winq dashboard shows real-time updates as your followers engage. So you can watch as the data comes in!

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